I create bespoke material on leadership, career strategy and diversity in the workplace.

Leadership Workshops

Build your leaders from the outside in. As you ascend the corporate ladder and become a leader within your organisation and network, it becomes crucial to become self-aware of yourself and how you interact with and are perceived by others. Many challenges can face your day-to-day engagements, such as challenging economic conditions, complex relationships and the need for more transparency and peer support. As part of your workshop, I will present you with varying ways of developing your internal relationships, communication styles, feedback mechanisms and the leadership cohesion required to be productive and achieve increased performance and management structure. Bespoke content and format for workshops are available on request.
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Success story

“Mandy chaired a Black Women in Tech and Data for us at Lloyds Banking Group. She was brilliant! She managed the questions and the panellists perfectly and was able to share some great research and data insight on the topic.“

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Corporate Diversity Training

Diversity training for your teams is a critical part of your aspirational goals as an organisation. A diverse workforce will increase productivity, performance and foster awareness and cultural sensitivity at all workplace levels. Effective diversity training raises employee appreciation of the importance of working together with people from different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs. You will have a transparent and challenging dialogue to drive change, improve policy and workplace participation supported by a committed leadership in the drive towards inclusion and a respectful workplace.

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