Corporate Programs

I will focus on the interdependencies of the team and uncover the best strategies for aligned performance success.

Leaders Group Coaching

Coaching your board or executive team is a critical process for ensuring that your organisation continues to develop strategies and performing together to avoid conflict resolution, declining relationships and alignment to goals and values to your organisation. With coaching, I will quickly build a "coach-confidant" relationship that develops your board's strengths and weaknesses long term. Using the CLEAR (Contracting, Listening, Exploring, Action, Review) coaching model, we find transformation is within reach for the individual and group.

Collaboration Techniques

A team member who understands others' dynamic and how they contribute to the group's success is a relationship based on strengths, trust, and cohesive action. I facilitate interventions to enable the Executive team to explore self-awareness and capability enhancement to secure true enlightenment and change.

Group Communication/ Supporting Complex Business Relationships

The need for cohesive, aligned and robust communication techniques supports better productivity and empowers teams to build towards a successful future. We utilise review mechanisms, incisive questioning and modelling to leverage communication styles and leadership personalities to ensure influence and peer appreciation is optimal across inevitable complex and evolving relationships.

Managing Increased Workloads & Stressful Situations

With the increasing effects of globalisation and a need for ethical and empathetic leadership, a diverse and fast-moving response is needed from your executive team. I use observations and feedback, behavioural analysis and performance challenging techniques to help executives prioritise, influence and manage emotional intelligence to remain in control and effective.

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