Career Coaching

A career coach can help you expedite change and growth.

Find clarity and action with a 1:1 focused program or through accountability group coaching sessions.

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How Does coaching work?

A executive career coach can help you expedite change and growth.

Secure the interview you are pursuing?
Want to climb the career ladder faster?
Want to develop the presence required to motivate and lead others?
Move into an alternative industry?

If you feel unsure about your next move, want to change direction or feel powerful at the level that you are at, we will work together to identify your career goals. Create a strategic action plan that will stretch you outside of your comfort zone to create your career dreams.

How It Works

Weekly planner

First Things

Pre-Coaching questionnaire to design the basis of your coaching plan.

Then This

Documented strategic plan for weekly focus and actionable tasks.

Then This

Weekly review calls to assess progress and success!

I Can Help Because I've Been There

Why take the long route, relying on others to shape your career?

I have spent many years in a 9-5 role. I have experienced confusion and frustration about not moving forward. Being contained by my own lack of confidence and inability to see how successful I could be with fearless action and a strategic direction to follow.
Now I understand the need for self-reflection, a motivated approach and the ability to put into action better networking, visibility strategies and powerful mindset work to really create a portfolio career that I adore. We all need support, I have invested in my own development on many occasions and see the ongoing benefit it brings. Now it is time for you to take the leap and put yourself at the top of your priority list.

but now I know
how to help!

If you're


No matter how much I connect with people on social media, I am never able to get the job that I want. I do not seem to collaborate with the right groups.


I feel so unable to speak up in powerful rooms. Why do I feel so small? When I am asked to take on more responsibility I step away. I am afraid that I will never feel worthy.


All I here is that you need to be more visible to get ahead. How do I do that? More social media, more meetings, more virtual coffees? 

The results

What you can expect?

Developed leadership skills and increased self-confidence.

A higher degree of influence and better negotiation skills.

Improved visibility both internal and external to your organisation.

Career analysis and mapping to identify and realise career aspirations.

Redefined mindset and confidence to ensure continued advancement.

Reduction in self-doubt.

Clearer understanding of your brand and the impact of how you show up.

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“Mandy has helped me build a career I am proud of over many years.”


“Mandy is one of the best role models in my career. She saw in me what I couldn’t see in myself. Set me on the leadership path. I highly recommend her.”
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