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I specialise in empowering women to dream big and create super-powered careers. Whether you need help with your personal brand, development or skillset, I aim to work with you to help you achieve your desired success.

Let me help you take your career to a new level of success. Through discussion, questioning and a safe space, we will set you on a path to improved leadership, career change and strategic pathways to fulfil your goals.

There is no better time than now to take control of your present and your destiny. Too many times, I see women continue on a path that is not serving them. They become disillusioned, unhappy and lacking motivation. There are a few ways you can work with me.

My Expertise:

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Find clarity and action with a 1:1 focused program or through accountability group coaching sessions.


I focus on the interdependencies of the team and uncover the best strategies for aligned performance success.


I create bespoke material on leadership, career strategy and diversity in the workplace.

The kind of results you can expect:

Developed leadership skills and increased self-confidence.
A higher degree of influence and better negotiation skills.
Improved visibility both internal and external to your organisation.
Career analysis and mapping to identify and realise career aspirations.
Redefined mindset and confidence to ensure continued advancement.
Reduction in self-doubt.
Clearer understanding of your brand and the impact of how you show up.

Career Coaching

A coach can help you expedite change and growth.

Coaching is a relationship based on trust and mutual respect to have a transparent, safe place to challenge preconceived thoughts. It enables honest self-analysis in terms of what you are experiencing and how it drives your decisions, actions and responses in certain situations. Success is dependent on the client committing to the process, taking action daily and believing in the change that is to come. We will integrate self-awareness, insights and learnings into your behaviours and responses. You will have a memorable experience as a result of deep and challenging questioning, exploration and work on your inner self, emotional management and self-care.

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Corporate Coaching Programs

Will focus on the interdependencies of the team. We will uncover the best strategies for aligned performance success.

Benefits of Corporate Programs 

  • Development of people for the next level
  • Management/staff relationship improvement
  • Working without bias
  • Better communication and influence
  • Organisational strategy and growth
  • A focus on solutions, not problems
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I create bespoke material on leadership, career strategy and diversity in the workplace.

I provide leadership workshops to build your leaders from the outside-in and corporate diversity training to increase productivity, performance and foster awareness and cultural sensitivity at all current workplace levels.

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“I had the good fortune of connecting with Mandy at a time in which I was struggling with my job search.“

We immediately clicked on our introduction zoom meeting and talked through my overall job search strategy. She provided invaluable advise as well as assisted me with updating my LinkedIn/Resume. I am happy to report my job search took off shortly after our conversation and have accepted a new job offer today in a very competitive job market. Highly recommend!

CV & LinkedIn Optimisation

Get structured. Get visible. Get the job! 

In a time when the job market is hugely impacted and your job search may be more challenging than ever, why would you leave this to chance? LinkedIn is utilised by 85% of recruiters and is a key part of your job search strategy. This coupled with an optimised CV, you will present yourself as a professional brand and strong candidate.

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Executive Empowerment

Progress is impossible without change.

Do you want to reduce the feeling of overwhelm, improve your organisational skills or navigate the corporate career path confidently? Then let me connect with you to build a brand and leadership strategy to maximise your success.

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