Five Ways To Ace The Recruiter Call

Well, how do you feel, you have done it? Getting your CV and early job search strategies through the first step to the recruiter call is no easy feat... So, let me help you nail that call and get you flying through to the next stage. Check out the video to ensure you are not overlooked at this pivotal stage of the process. 

Know The Recruiter Details

Know the recruiter details and organisation. Understanding their relationship with the job advertiser or potential employer means that you will be able to ask the right questions. 

Obtain The Job Description & Show Your Skills

Request the job description before the call, be prepared with a good grasp of the role so that you can speak confidently and answer any questions posed. If you do not have the JD then look at the summarised version on the advert that you first responded to. Be prepared.

In your answers demonstrate the skills and values from your experience that align to the job application. Do not underestimate this conversation and how the recruiter can help to advocate for you to the person or team that want to fill the position. 

Do Not Share Too Much Too Early!

Do not share your salary expectations too early. If you box yourself into a financial banding before you understand the role completely, management expectations and true scope of the position you will find it hard to retract that figure as you progress. 

Do Not Comprise Your Chances

Be transparent with why you are leaving. Be diplomatic if the reason is something that you do not want to share at this point. 

Take Notes

As the discussion unfolds the recruiter will be sharing lots of useful information about the role, organisation, team and company goals. Now is the time to take notes, this information should influence your responses as you continue to the next stage. 

There you have it; with some strategic steps use can use the recruiter call to your advantage. Also, remember that you need to create some rapport and engagement with the person. Be yourself, be personable and be ready to answer any question that comes your way! Good Luck!

Mandy x


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