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Career Accelerator Bootcamp

If you are at a pivotal time in your career or feel that you are not advancing as fast as you would like then the “Career Accelerator Bootcamp” is the solution, to help you focus on your aspirations, challenges and get you crystal clear on your next steps!

We will spend 6 weeks together, where you will take regular and powerful action and have the support of an accountability group, as well as weekly virtual support from me to answer questions and prompt you to achieve more.

If it is a new job, promotion, confidence or clarity you desire register for the “Career Accelerator Bootcamp” and enjoy your success!

1. Career Map

1.1 Identify career aspirations
1.2 Where are your gaps
1.3 Define your milestones

2. Impact & Influence

2.1 Mindset work to improve confidence
2.2 Strategies to become a thought leader
2.3 Improve visibility on LinkedIn
2.4 Advance networking

3. Leadership

3.1 Establish Know Like & Trust with stakeholders
3,2 Amplify your communication and messaging
3.3 Mentor and sponsor strategy

4. Brand

4.1 Know who to influence
4.2 Know will you be known for?
4.3 Build your brand attributes. Live and breath the new YOU!
4.4 Social Media Brand strategy

How it works?

  • 6 x weekly strategy and reflection calls (60 min). Can be split into 30 min durations on request.
  • Weekly situational stretch goals to test strategies.
  • Weekly workbook or assessment framework.
  • Maintenance plan at the end of the programme.
  • Unlimited email support across the process.

Start your pathway to success

Accelerator your career and enrol onto this course.

Enrol now
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