Well, hello you aspirational friend! Have you lost your direction and are spinning your wheels? Dream of leadership status but are being overlooked? Maybe your strategies for moving you forward need tweaking so let's work this out together. As with most strategies what is required is focus, know where you are going and be clear about your WHY. What I have found really helpful is knowing that most of what moves you forward to a leadership level is knowing that leaders should be the beating heart of any team or organisation and relationships are the lifeblood keeping that heart beating. 

Invest In Your Team

There are many ways to keep your team engaged and rowing in the same direction. Nurturing a relationship based on trust is essential so make sure that you provide, development opportunities, coaching, and even space for them to take over the reins now and then. Be the leader that cares about the experience of their staff and let them know that they are doing the best work in the organisation or planet for that matter. It will be paid back 10-fold!

Do Not Micro-Manage

Ask yourself who do you employ and why? I am hoping the answer is talented and motivated people to meet the objectives and goals set for them. If this is the case, then why would you dig down into the detail and do the work for them? 

As a leader, you need to raise your head up and work strategically and at a new level. Micromanaging shows that you are not working smart and do not trust the outcomes of your team. This is a lose\lose in terms of moving to a leadership level. 

Own Your Numbers

The better that you understand and own your metrics, goals and outcomes you will be seen as a leader who is moving forward. 

To make sound decisions, leaders must know and communicate the goals and measurements that are important to their organisation. Creating space to be really clear on what you want to achieve and how you are tracking is imperative to incremental change. So, dashboards, newsletters, presentations are all ways of showing you are in control!

Executive Presence/ Brand

What do you stand for, what do others expect from you? No idea? Then there is your problem. Now is the time to get really clear on what you feel a leader should embody. Think of the few words that represent who you are... Is it integrity, trust, speaker...Now you need to fill in the gaps with your words! Once this is done, now decide on the attributes of those words. This starts to become your brand and this is the way you need to show up and act on a daily basis online and in person. Go out and create the person you want to be! Just remember, be consistent and authentic and you are on the right track. 

You know you have the skills, but how will you manage the relationships it is key to all the great leaders we are aware of. Building relationships means you are showing everyone how to achieve great things together that we cannot do alone. 

In this great book, Dare to Lead by Brene Brown she says, "A leader is anyone who takes responsibility for recognizing the potential in people and ideas and has the courage to develop that potential" or learn about the 12 habits holding you back from your next promotion with How Women Rise by Sally Helgeson

There is nothing holding you back, now go DO IT!

Send me a message and let me know how these tips are helping on your leadership journey... 

Focus on being productive instead of busy.

If you are working hard, burning the candle at both ends and still not reaping dividends in your career then maybe you are not being as productive as you need to be.

It is time to work smarter to get more done and be seen as efficient in the process.

I know it is not easy, but surely it is time to put down the busy work and get the JOB DONE! Time is ticking after all and your leadership team have deadlines they want you to meet!

Here are some tools and tips to help you improve your productivity. 

  1. Being prepared for your week and tasks will always get you ahead of the game. Plan, create, review in advance of any important task. It may mean getting up earlier, working over the weekend but you will feel very satisfied when you have been successful and with less stress.
  2. Carve out time to strategise and plan. Look at your diary across the week and block out 30 min a day or an hour a week to plan for your team or think big picture about your career. It will amaze you how much you can get completed over the next quarter or year. 
  3. Prioritise your time and emails like a ninja! Instead of dipping into emails throughout the day, assign 3 times a day to look at emails and for a set time. This avoids "email overload" and reduces the chance of being pulled into conversations that are not productive.
  4. Only attend meetings where you are required to make a decision, provide inputs or are a critical part of the discussion. Otherwise, excuse yourself or review the minutes. Your time is precious, ensure people treat it as such.
  5. Multitasking is the enemy of productivity. Doing 3 things at once with a sub-standard outcome is counter-productive. Concentrate on one thing at a time where possible, so it is executed on time, efficiently and with no revisions or corrections.

Once you have incorporated all or some of these tips, your work does not stop there. Knowing that this activity has been valuable is about knowing how much time you have gained and how much more work you have managed to complete with efficiency.

If you are productive, your teams will be too. Aim to remove distractions, non-essential tasks and the impact of external pressures on your day.

These types of habitual changes are essential as you manage your team and a more complex workload. Continue to look up and out as your workload builds, always be one of those managers that has an eye on efficiency and productive change. 

It feels good when you hear others debate at the coffee machine how you got so much done with so few people! That will be our little secret!

Drop me a note to let me know how you get on with the tips. Maybe you have your own to add to the list?

Well, how do you feel, you have done it? Getting your CV and early job search strategies through the first step to the recruiter call is no easy feat... So, let me help you nail that call and get you flying through to the next stage. Check out the video to ensure you are not overlooked at this pivotal stage of the process. 

Know The Recruiter Details

Know the recruiter details and organisation. Understanding their relationship with the job advertiser or potential employer means that you will be able to ask the right questions. 

Obtain The Job Description & Show Your Skills

Request the job description before the call, be prepared with a good grasp of the role so that you can speak confidently and answer any questions posed. If you do not have the JD then look at the summarised version on the advert that you first responded to. Be prepared.

In your answers demonstrate the skills and values from your experience that align to the job application. Do not underestimate this conversation and how the recruiter can help to advocate for you to the person or team that want to fill the position. 

Do Not Share Too Much Too Early!

Do not share your salary expectations too early. If you box yourself into a financial banding before you understand the role completely, management expectations and true scope of the position you will find it hard to retract that figure as you progress. 

Do Not Comprise Your Chances

Be transparent with why you are leaving. Be diplomatic if the reason is something that you do not want to share at this point. 

Take Notes

As the discussion unfolds the recruiter will be sharing lots of useful information about the role, organisation, team and company goals. Now is the time to take notes, this information should influence your responses as you continue to the next stage. 

There you have it; with some strategic steps use can use the recruiter call to your advantage. Also, remember that you need to create some rapport and engagement with the person. Be yourself, be personable and be ready to answer any question that comes your way! Good Luck!

Need to make an impact in your senior position? Are you tired of working your socks off and missing that promotion? Then this is the read for you to take you from invisible to a branded product to be proud of.

"I don't know what I stand for!" "People don't take me seriously..."These were the regular complaints from an old colleague of mine, who to be frank; took no responsibility or proactive action to manage any part of her career.

How can you manage what you cannot see? I used to tell her. You are invisible!

To be a brand that is respected, consulted and understood you need to be clear on your own brand identity, values and attributes. Think about the most visible product in your life, how it creeps into your subliminal subconscious on occasion or how you feel compelled to buy your favourite red lipstick for the 5th month in a row. This is the result of a brand that resonates with you because of how it is presented visibly, what it conveys in terms of aspirations and values and in a more socially conscious world even environmental presence can transform a brand. The big question is, how does your BRAND make others FEEL!

Create Your Brand.

Know who you want to influence.

If you are part of a particular industry or organisational team you will need to ensure that how your brand resonates is consistent. Eg. If you are in a formal corporate role your brand could align to an authoritative demeanour and values such as integrity and trust. If you understand the relationship you have with those you influence you will be more informed when you need to shape your brand.

What you want to be known for.

Establish a list of things that you want to be known for when you approach others, be it friends, employers or your corporate leaders. Being known as an industry expert, a generous or creative individual makes it easier to demonstrate when you have defined what you want to be known for and the associated values. Take time to really focus on this revelation as this will drive the attributes and behaviours that will convey your brand values with clarity.

What attributes define your Brand?

Attributes and characteristics are the more visual elements of your brand that makes it important to understand how you are going to show up on a daily basis, convey your messaging and lead your teams. Think of the following as ways you can really shape and hone your brand and then take action daily to move you closer to your brand identity. I would, however, caution you to make sure that you continue to be authentic and sincere. You do not want to become a distinctly different personality that will confuse and alienate your community.

Replace the below with your own brand attributes.

Once you have documented the above and have a plan with clear actions to progress, it is time to test the effectiveness of your brand strategy and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE your attributes as if your career depended on it. It probably does!....

Up the Anti! Start living and breathing your brand!

An integral part of brand building requires social media interaction whether you like it or not. Creating awareness of your brand means that anyone can review your profile, reach out to you on social media or review your CV and get a feel for who you are consistently. Once your brand is established the promotion of your brand is how you really differentiate yourself from your competitors in a job search or corporate setting. Here are some ways to smash it on the socials and create a bigger and bolder presence as well as a large following!

Consistent content posting on social media on relevant topics.

Your brand is as important to your career and corporate presence as your latest newsletter or project delivery. So make sure you prioritise this valuable and enjoyable strategic planning. It should be fun, designing who you want to be and working on it regularly. What Brand will you build? How will this change what you do daily? Let me know, comment below and visit me on socials to continue the discussion @mandytuckercoaching on Instagram and the same on Linkedin.

Speak Soon!

Now is a great time in all areas of our lives. Let us put aside the hugely impactful pandemic that we are in the centre of and try to focus on the BAU of life that we will hopefully return to in due course!

If you are an ambitious female that has her finger on the pulse you will realise that our voices are amplified like never before. Now is your time to grab every opportunity available to you and run with it or for this "community"... fly with it! Here are some tips to help you to soar in your corporate and personal life.

  1. Stand Up.
    • Be there and ready to take any new opportunity that comes your way. Whether that be a new role, speaking engagement, or social media request to post your thoughts on a topic. Our voices are amplified and encouraged in every magazine, boardroom and group chat. Go make a difference!
  2. Be fearful.
    • Whatever you are doing if you are not a little afraid it is not stretching you enough. Repeated exposure to things that cause mild fear and anxiety are proven to cause the resulting anxiety to reduce over time. So, as long as you are not putting yourself in danger, get out there and scare yourself a little!
  3. Diversity is the new vegan. A buzz word yes, but one that you can really use to your advantage. There are more open doors, open board rooms and open positions for all ambitious and talented ladies to step into.

So High Flying Females, I encourage you, I implore you, to grab your goals, ambitions, and dreams and fly with me.