Career Change Tips For The Fearless Action Takers

“I’ve been here too long” “My friends are moving on to great new positions”.

When will it be my time to shine and how do I make it happen?

Changing careers can be a minefield of emotions, frustrations and wrong turns. Don’t panic, I can see you turning back already and closing your mind to all your future opportunities. Now is not the time to click away!

Well, not on my watch anyway. Need some inspiration, fact-based motivation then grab your favourite beverage and sugary treat and let’s start planning your future.

We all have choices.

Just because you have been in your current role for 5 years, do not have obvious transferrable skills or your friends and family do not support your dreams and constant musings. You are the one living the reality and day to day of a job you hate!

Is that dramatic, no I don’t think so…(ok-maybe just a little)

Once you know that your current situation is not right for you it is about taking things one step at a time, not overwhelming yourself and creating a plan that is strategic, step by step and that motivates you to create long-lasting change that fulfils your career goals.

3 tips to a transformative career map!

 Now is the time to reframe your thinking. You can re-design your career to remove obstacles and limiting beliefs and be the STAR of your own MOVIE! What would your leading lady do, say or BE!. A mindset change is a must, to get you comfortable with change, remind yourself that you are ready for bigger and better as well as pushing the boundaries of what is possible for your career and life.

  1. Make a list of all the things that you love to do. If there were no limits what would you, choose for yourself? Be a writer, a public speaker or a financial executive. What could you talk about all day long without getting bored? Get thinking, you need to focus on what is possible.
  2. Now you need to close the gap. Doing the work to look at your desired roles and identify where you need to shift is key to creating a roadmap to change that can support your next steps. Is it study that is required? Need to improve your networking skills or maybe creating a stand-out brand is going to make the difference.
  3. Finally, no effective change is going to work without the right support. Now is the time to manage your network, family and friends effectively to ensure you have people around you to push you, listen to you and be your biggest cheerleader. I know you can do it, but be honest with yourself about how your close circle make you feel?

Ready to ACT?

 Well, what are you waiting for? I know you can do it. Grab your pen and paper and start to list all the things you do not like about your current situation and what you love about the visualisation of the new you and a new career.

As the saying goes “If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be” Maya Angelou. I am not supporting normal for you…You will not settle for that and I will not let you.

Here is some additional support if you are not fully convinced, the book “Love it or leave it” by Samantha Clarke has some great tips on how to break down what is not working in your current role and how to move on. Then “The squiggly career” by Helen Tupper will open your eyes to the art of the possible.

What will you do first to move you towards change? Drop me a comment below or share a tip with others on how you have made change happen in your career.

Until next time my ambitious friend.

Mandy x


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2 comments on “Career Change Tips For The Fearless Action Takers”

  1. Great Blog Mandy 🙂 I have just applied for and got an unconditional offer for an MSc Management with Project Management with Lincoln University. It is part time for 2 years and online so fits in with working full time. Plus I have applied for the government backed student loan for post graduate studies. I might only have 10 more working years left until I can retire but I am going to make the most of them!

  2. I left a permanent role of 8 years where I felt trapped, undervalued and stuck with no progression prospects. I moved to a role with a 1 year fixed term contract and after 6 weeks have moved within the wider team to a role where there is a chance of progression and stability as well as working with something that I enjoy. Scary but necessary.