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I've been there, a high flying career is not always easy! You are either faced with politics, competition or a pathway that is destined to take up the next 30 years.

I am an enthusiastic, passionate and fun-loving career coach who specialises in focussing on mid-level careers that need the right tactics and approach to excel in their chosen field. We all need some guidance, direction or just some cheering on from the sidelines to ensure that there is a clear path to success. I will be your coach, confidant and accountability partner to ensure that you stay on track. So, what is your desire? Whether it is CEO, Executive or Industry expert work with me to plan your pathway to the stars.

At some stage of our career, we will all need the tools and strategies to navigate both the complex corporate landscape but also help to break through our insecurities, confusion, lack of confidence and much more. Want to overcome your insecurities when public speaking? Need to define your executive presence to secure a new position or struggling with the interview process to proceed to your next position? I will work with you to focus in on your mindset and strategic actions to make it easy to know what path to take and achieve success.

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Ambition takes us higher than our wildest dreams.

I can help you to achieve your desires!

I had the good fortune of connecting with Mandy at a time in which I was struggling with my job search. We immediately clicked on our introduction zoom meeting and talked through my overall job search strategy. She provided invaluable advise as well as assisted me with updating my LinkedIn/Resume. I am happy to report my job search took off shortly after our conversation and have accepted a new job offer today in a very competitive job market. Highly recommend!

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